How long you can reuse the cooked pasta through keeping inside the fridge?

Pasta is one of the best food items that are loved by all generation. The pasta is an Italian style dish which is made up of with the wheat and water which had been extruded up with the different shape and you can cook them easily with the help of the boiled water.

You can cook the extra pasta and keep cooked pasta in a fridge. So that you can take them from fridge and serve them easily whenever someone comes to your home that too within few seconds through reheating or dropping the pasta in the boiling water.

reuse the cooked pasta

You can store cooked pasta in the airtight containers in the refrigerator for nearly 3 to 5 days. When you want to extend its days then there is a need for you to store the pasta and the sauce separately.

Even you can able to freeze up the cooked pasta for 2 weeks through cooling the pasta slightly and then you can drizzle them with a little olive oil and then spoon them in the airtight containers or freeze bags.

Tips for freezing up your cooked pasta

Everyone likes to cook the pasta and have them daily. But due to lack of time you cannot able to do them daily. In that place when you cook it and store them then you can take and eat them daily without any worries. But before storing it there is a need for you to know how long do cooked noodles last.

freezing up your cooked pasta

When you plan to store them then there is a need for you to do some preparation as like that. After you prepare the pasta there is a need for you to drain up the water immediately. Then you have to rinse up the pasta with the cold water for cease up the cooking process, to prevent them from clumping together there is a need for you to add some olive oil or butter along with it. If you planned to refrigerate then there is a need for you to keep the cooked pasta in the airtight container only then you can able to keep them for a week but before you close them remove all the air that is inside it.


Now you would get an idea about how to cook the pasta for a single time and to reuse them for more than 6 days. After knowing that sure you would like to try to do, it is easy as well as simple. Whenever you want to have them you can take it out heat them with the help of microwave oven or you can pour some hot water in it and heat it off. After heating you can serve the pasta with the sauce and sure all would love to have the yummy delicious pasta and enjoy. Through doing as like this you can able to save your cooking time and spare that time with your beloved once.

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